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Quality Custodial is a Limited Liability Company, Independently Veteran Owned and Operated in the Inland Northwest.  

Currently serving the following communities

Spokane - Spokane Valley - Liberty Lake - Airway Heights* - Newport*WASHINGTON  

Coeur d'Alene - Post Falls - Hayden - Rathdrum - Sandpoint*, IDAHO  *specialty services only.

Our 6 Employees have been entrusted with cleaning over 36,000 Fixtures and nearly 40 Million Square Feet Annually.

We place a high value on integrity and professionalism, leading by example and instilling the best behavior and qualities in our people.  Building and maintaining outstanding customer relationships is our trademark and the cornerstone of our success.  We will consistently provide you with the highest quality janitorial service available, at the lowest price possible.

We have used Quality Custodial for over 7 years now for our athletic club.  We continue to be impressed with their service, professionalism, and competitive price.  They also make facility maintenance much easier for us by offering services above and beyound the normal scope of janitorial work.  I would recommend Quality Custodial to anyone seeking a janitorial company that exemplifies honesty, hard work, and attention to detail.

Grant Bafus
Liberty Lake Athletic Club

Our Testimonials

Quality Custodial Versus The Competition

Compared To An In-House Cleaner:  We can do it far better, with many more years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the cleaning field.  We will eliminate your employment taxes, sick leave, health care costs and other benefits for your employees, while eliminating human resources headaches and liabilities.  Our people are professionally trained and their work inspected.  You no longer need to hire, train, replace or manage your own cleaning staff.  Nor must you keep and maintain equipment or order supplies.  We allow you to direct your full attention to growing your business.  

Compared To A Large Janitorial Service:  We will save you money.  With less overhead, such as leasing an office, company vehicles, office help, payroll department, salespeople and advertising.  We attract better people with more experience, by paying above average wages for cleaning.  We enjoy less turnover, so you know who is in your building each night.  This leads to better building security and more consistant cleaning quality.  For improved communication, we hire only those individuals who read and speak English as their first language.  For improved customer service you always deal directly with our Owner, instead of a Supervisor or Area Manager.  Best of all, we are local and easily accessible.

We are the obvious choice for eliminating the stress associated with hiring and managing a janitorial service or cleaning staff.  If your tired of replacing your janitorial service or cleaning staff every few months or years, consider Quality Custodial.  We have greater than 11 times less customer turnover than our competitors.  Beware of service providers that offer low pricing, simply by reducing the time needed to clean your facility properly.  We promise to improve the cleaning quality of your facility significantly, while saving you both time and money.

Quality Custodial is a very professional service provider.  They do excellent work and they are very flexible with our schedule.  We like to spend our money with local independent businesses and that is what Quality Custodial is.  Thank you Ken.

Brady Bush
A-L Compressed Gases, Inc.

Customers Have Not Been Compensated For Their Testimonials

Ken did an awesome job stripping and waxing our office floors at The City of Airway Heights Water Reclamation Plant.  He took his time and did a wonderful job.  The City will be using him for years to come.  Great Job Ken!!!  See you soon...

Jesse Walruff
Wastewater Pretreatment/Collection Lead
City of Airway Heights

Jenna Fairbanks - GM - FCN

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To provide above average wages, training and support so that we may attract and retain quality people.  Empowering our employees through trust, clear communication and strategic delegation to grow and develop their capabilities.  To offer our expertise, consultation and insight to deliver a higher level of service and customer experience seldom found, by forming a partnership with our customers with mutual benefits and a shared vision of success for the future.

Mission Statement